Richard Branson on why employers should Recruit With Conviction

Recruit With Conviction crossed the border to England on 17th January 2013 to learn, share and work in partnership with our colleagues in London. A great No-Offence Conference and a timely video address from Sir Richard Branson on why employers should Recruit With Conviction.

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3 thoughts on “Richard Branson on why employers should Recruit With Conviction

  1. jade

    What a refreshing video . . . I currently have a good job but I live on a council estate and there are people where you can see great potential and their high level of intelligence.
    Unfortunately not working can lead to boredom and mental health issues
    I myself struggle with depression and have dyslexia but the best cure is work to keep my mind occupied.
    I had to start as a cleaner, then in a factory and made the best out of every job because the issue with these types of jobs is the lack of using your brain, ideas and the frustration of being able to see where so many improvements can be made but due to the style of industrial management this is not utilized.
    You will find alot of people want to make enough money and be happy in a job.
    If you have people who have creative intelligent brains and the only jobs available to them are mundane and does not give them the opportunity for progression , Then there is no goal to reach at the end of it ,
    What keeps most people working is the chance to make something of themselves , progression, the light at the end of that tunnel.
    I think this is a great step towards changing peoples lives and giving them hope.
    But we must also educate people that sometimes you have to start in the really bad jobs where managers are tunnel visioned and your just a nodding dog.
    But if you have a goal say for example working in a bank in may take you 4 years and rubbish jobs and being extremely poor but if that is what you want then it is achievable.
    Breaking this wall down and reeducating children in school that hardwork is far more effect in the real world .
    People who may have found themselves in bad situation in life which lead to bad decisions will have light at the end of their tunnel.
    It starts in school we focus way to much on grades and not the hard work of each individual.
    I think this is a great step.
    Maybe pushing further Down the line into school.
    Kinetic learning could also reduce crime with children teaching them the value of working hard and not just reading a book and studying.
    But happy that slowly these things are changing and people are coming into the real world and there’s nothing like people who are able to have emphasis which is why I will always have respect for Richard Branson.

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